Welcome to Canine Training Camp!

Welcome to Canine Training Camp!

Affordable and Effective Dog Training For You and Your Dog! 

Here at Canine Training Camp, we believe that good, science based, effective dog training should not cost an arm and a leg. A dog’s behavior is not just a reflection on you, but it’s a reflection on the dog community as a whole. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have been casually chatting with someone who told me that they wished I could work with their dog because they have been experiencing the same aggressive or aggravating behavior for years without knowing that there is a way out and that effective help is a phone call away!

I have been training dogs most of my life and I am here to impart my knowledge to help you with your dog! You can absolutely call around to some of these other companies. People without experience. Large companies that charge 4 arms, 3 legs, and your family cow to come over and help you out. People who use a one size fits all approach and doesn’t come meet your dog and give you a learning plan that fits your lifestyle and your dog’s own personal learning style.

That’s where I come in. I come to your home, where your dog is most comfortable and spends most of it’s life. I learn and see how your dog lives, It’s struggles, it’s environment, and your lifestyle. I then work with your dog and figure out the best way your dog likes to learn and I build you a training plan that works for you and your dog and will maximize any training time with your dog. I don’t charge hourly, I charge per session so I can take my time and make sure your dog is learning without being in a rush.

I help you with:

-Aggression  -Food guarding  -Walking/leash pulling  -Anxiety  -Crate training  -Biting  -Trick Training  -Chewing -Adjusting to a new baby  -Adjusting to a new pet  -Cat aggression  -Coming when called  -Nervous behavior

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