If you call around to most of your dog Kennels in the area, you will find a couple things. First thing you will find is they are not cheap. Most Kennels run in the price range of 30-40 dollars a day. However, when you start finding out what that price entails, it’s outrageous. One kennel in the area boasts a price of 35 dollars a day per dog, but that will only include interaction with staff for feeding and potty time and does not give your dog anything useful other than a place to stay while you are gone. This place charges an extra 5$ a day to socialize your dog.

Seriously? How is that not standard? Paying extra money for play time. Paying extra if your dog needs medication. Paying extra if your dog is large and needs a bigger kennel to sleep in. This to me is completely outrageous.

Here at the CTC, we offer kenneling of your pup at a very comparable price. We charge 35$ a day with discounts for multiple dogs. While staying here, we not only give your dog a place to stay, but we provide a home for your dog. A place where your dog is not cooped up in a cage all day. We provide a large backyard with other dogs to play with.We give your dog all the exercise, training, and supervision that the CTC trainers would give their own dogs! If your dog needs some work on behavior issues or some form of training, they will receive that when they stay here at our home!

Due to the type of kenneling we provide, we can only take in 2 dogs at a time, so make sure to make your appointment in advance so you don’t have to leave your dog in one of the big warehouse facilities!

Give your dog a good experience while you are gone! Fill out the form below to get info on kenneling your dog with us and we will get right back to you!



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