Puppy Training

Puppy Training

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The CTC believes that a successful dog starts from the very beginning. Before you are even considering a dog, you need to choose the right breed for what you are trying to accomplish with your dog. Do you want a ball of energy that can zoom around and play for 24 hours a day? A Jack Russel may be the perfect fit for you. Do you want a protective dog, who can be smart, playful, and have wonderful instincts? You may be looking for a German Shepard! Want a hunting dog that will still make a great house pet and family dog? Think Lab or Golden retriever!

The goals you have for your dog should strongly dictate the breeds you should be shopping for. Research is very important. There are many tools out there to help you select your breed of dog that would work great for you. The AKC has a fun little tool that can help you start looking for the right breeds. Ask friends, neighbors, heck SHOOT US AN EMAIL and we can find a good breed idea for what you are looking for!


“My new puppy is only 8 weeks old! I can’t do much in the way of training him, right?” WRONG! Actually you couldn’t be more wrong. Now is the most important time in your puppy’s life to begin to mold and develop the type of dog that you want to have! It takes consistency and time, but the basics need to be started right now. The puppy needs to realize who is in charge, what it’s boundaries are, where it sleeps, where it can use the bathroom, what is acceptable behavior, what is not, and what kind of relationship that puppy will be allowed to have with you!
Where a lot of people fail is waiting to train as the puppy gets older. Instead of developing good habits now, you are trying a year from now to break bad habits that it taught itself!


Puppy training is the backbone of what we at the CTC love to do! We come to your home, we assess your needs, we assess your puppy, we find your goals and your dogs motivation. Where we are different than most of the other “puppy training classes” is you will get one on two work. We come and work with your puppy and you. We give you the tools and walk you through the process of how your dog thinks, acts, and behaves. We show you what you can do to become the most successful dog owner you can possibly be. We think good dogs begin with knowledgeable and enthusiastic owners. Your dog needs to know you are in charge and that you are an owner that can be relied upon to provide them a stable and consistent environment.

CTC has partnered with The Doggie Paddle in Appleton to bring you a 6 week course on puppy training. This is not your average puppy class. While it will be a group class, it will be very personal to your puppy. We don’t believe in the traditional “one size fits all” approach that most puppy classes force on you while draining your wallet in the process. We will also put a heavy emphasis on socialization. A big part of your dog learning how to behave is learning how to behave around other dogs. Learning acceptable play styles while not becoming aggressive. Not only will your puppy be learning, but you will be able to recognize what appropriate puppy play is compared to signs of aggression. Without experience, your puppy may get very confused when he is told to stop when he was having one of the best times of his life. This puppy class will follow the AKC guideline for STAR puppy training and is strongly encouraged in teaching your puppy how to behave properly. If you are interested in one of these classes, please get ahold of us! 

Most importantly, our puppy class is based off of need and ability! Do you have a rescue dog that needs to learn obedience, but is 3 years old? Puppy class might be the right fit for you! Please call us to determine placement!


April 11th, 2023- 7PM – 6 week puppy class

Lisa’s Little Paws

3295 W Highview Dr.

Appleton Wi, 54914

Current Roster:
1. Erik and Ghost

2. Jason and Romeo

3.  Faith and Teddy

4. Zack and Jeter

5. Tia and Justice

6. Janis and Ozzy

7. Natalie and Nella

8. Darlene and Rufus


April 20th, 2022- 7PM – 6 week puppy class (Currently filling)

Lisa’s Little Paws

3295 w Highview Dr,

Appleton, WI 54914

Current Roster:
1.  Open

2. Open

3.  Open

4. Open

5. Open

6. Open

7. Open



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