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Our training philosophy is very simple. You heard of these dog training companies that will take your dog for X amount of time and send them back, trained and happy, right? That’s great! Your dog has a great time, everything is peachy, and your dog learns to respond very well to the attitudes and mannerisms of the trainers there at the location.

What do they miss out on, though? They are missing that connection to you! I don’t know about you, but I would rather have my dog trained at my home, to me and my commands, and to my voice. I would rather know firsthand the information being pushed to my dog and see what my dog is learning so I can get a good handle on it and learn how to best function as a team with my dog. I, personally, would rather have the tools to learn to train my dog on my own and get to where we want to be in the times where I need it the most!

This is where I come in. Whether it’s a puppy who needs to learn toilet training and how to become a good citizen, or an old pup, set in his ways and needing to have better social skills. I come to you. I work with, not just your dog, but with you. Giving you an understanding of what your puppy needs and how to best achieve your goals!


What methods do you use in particular to train my dog?

This is a very common question we get and it’s very hard to answer without knowing you and your dog along with your goals! Each dog learns different, has different genetics, fears, needs, excitements, and each owner has different goals for their dogs! This is where the initial assessment is so important! If we are treating every dog and owner the same, then you might as well go to a big box store and get your training! We find each dog and owner where they are!

Some of the things that we do recognize is that a dog will not be able to get over stress without being exposed to it and shown that they have nothing to fear! A dog will not be able to learn to not jump on people at the door without practice! If a dog sees a moving leaf and all of a sudden their adrenaline spikes through the roof so you can’t even get their attention no matter how many times you say their names and how good of treats you have, you will need to train in those moments so they can really understand what’s expected! All of this takes a lot of time, repetition and a very good plan to get them moving! If you’re willing to put in the work, we will find a good plan your dog responds to and give you that direction!

Let us help you use your positive relationship to improve your dog’s behavior by giving them appropriate control, exposure, and desensitization!


It all starts now. Contact us to get things going! Talk to you soon!